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View multiple documents in a single editor. Each separate window contains its own functionality to view complex Xml, Csv, Text, or Custom Field Separated documents.

Name custom delimiters, for separate editor window(s) for the custom type of document you are editing. Two new delimiter settings have been added, such as the 'Comment' separator and 'Item Encapsulation' separator. The 'Comment' separator can be used to block rows that do not need to be displayed within a table for viewing, while the 'Item Encapsulation' separator can be used to separator single item fields from a document that have been specifically assigned an encapsulation field. View your complex Xml documents per table within the same editor.

Once you open an Xml document, dependent on the number of elements, each element will have a seperate table containing the data for that section to be viewed separately using the list of the unaltered section names. To view a specific element's section, select the name from the list and the table will be populated with 'if any' data for that section.

Drag and drop a column name to a position in the table where it is more readily accessible for you. Group columns together so that you can easily analyze and find your data quickly. Copy selected rows, columns, or multiple specific items to a new editor window. Simply select the specifics or what you need, copy, open a new editor window, and paste. Dock and undock the editors preview area. When a document has been opened the editors document preview area can be undocked using the button in the setting's area for that editor. The preview will open in a new window.


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