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Like millions of others on this planet, you are the proud owner of a WiFi connection that you think is impregnable, and fortunately this connection lets each member of your family happily surf the Web regardless of where they are. But, despite all the care you took in setting up your modem router, in a corner of your mind, you are still worrying about the so-called perfect invulnerability of your network ,and this fear that pop up in your mind from time makes you doubt greatly.
And what if an intruder was still able to connect to your network without you noticing? And more importantly, how would you be able to identify the intruder and exclude them automatically from your network for good? Who Is On My Wifi can easily take on this difficult task and that way can ensure better protection of your network in real time.

Who Is On My Wifi will, first and foremost, establish with your help a list of devices authorized to connect to your network. Who Is On My Wifi will then rely on this database to accept the trusted computers and block intruders.

When you first launch the app, a setup wizard will guide you step by step in the development of this whitelist. The app analyzes your network initially to detect computers currently connected.
The second step will be for you to classify the devices found according to their status, known or unknown, and save afterward the references obtained. Then, you should run a last manual scan to detect the possible presence of new intruders on your network. The last step will be to minimize the app and to let it do its work of monitoring quietly in the background.

Now, each time a new device try to connect via your network, a notification window will be automatically generated by the application (you can even receive email alerts by subscribing to the paid version) and it will be up to you to decide whether they can use your connection or if you want to exclude them permanently.

In the options of Who Is On My Wifi, you can also set the frequency of analysis (between 2 and 10 minutes), set a new range of IP addresses for your scans, use IP addresses and computer names as signatures of recognition in addition to the MAC addresses, allow editing of log files to get a better overview of the reports on your various scans, and create a backup of your options and restore them easily if needed.
By adding an other layer of protection around your network, Who Is On My Wifi will allow you to easily flush out intruders and other unwanted and will especially prevent an harmful interference to yet again cause havoc on your network, it will block out these threats effectively and permanently.


Who Is On My Wifi Software protects your wireless network by identifying intruders and alerting you of their existence. Who Is On My Wifi is cutting edge technology that detects wireless piggybackers or more dedicated hackers on your home or business network.

  • As the owner of a wireless network, you want to protect it from hackers and freeloaders
  • Encryption doesn’t always keep out the bad guys
  • In as little as 5 minutes, you can ensure that your Wireless Network is safe.



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