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Web Protection Suite-Home LE - A good protection from clickjacking : You probably feel safe surfing the Net with the protection of your antivirus and firewall… But can they actually protect you from attacks through your Web browser? Believe it or not, but hackers have an awful lot more tricks up their sleeves to find out your password, credit card details, or even your identity. These techniques are called Phishing, DNS rebinding, XSS attacks, XSRF, or by buffer overflow etc. Terms that I agree are a little bit hard to grasp at first, but you should know that all these attacks use either a flaw in your browser (so make sure it is up to date) or a human oversight. So it is up to you to keep your eyes open and make sure that you understand the origin of the Web page that you are opening. Unfortunately, most antivirus do not protect their clients from most of these attacks, simply because they are not viruses. Apart from the traditional security suites that may be expensive, there is also a free plugin called Web Protection Suite Home LE, which is can be used with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome, and it will alert you if something goes wrong with a web page. Nothing complicated here. Web Protection Suite-Home LE display a green icon when everything goes well and turns red when there is risk of an attack. Web Protection Suite-Home LE will alert you with a pop-up, but will then leave it up to you to visit or not this site. As you can see, it’s a good companion to have while surfing the Net that is using a series of algorithms rather than a fingerprinting one to detect threats. This detection method allows Web Protection Suite-Home LE to stop newly released clickjacking methods or attacks that are not yet known by traditional antivirus.


Comitari’s Web Protection Suite protects you in real-time as you surf the web from within your browser applications. It is provided as a plugin for your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer ...). Comitari's unique security engine does not rely on blacklists but rather uses patent-pending algorithms that cover 0-day phishing and identity theft attempts – and is the only solution of its kind in the market today.

Comitari Web Protection Suite provides complete protection against client-side attacks, identity theft and online frauds and is a complementary to existing End Point Security and Web Gateway solutions:

- Keep your personal data safe: Comitari’s security engine identifies phishing web sites and prevents the user from typing-in sensitive data.

- Protect yourself from web session theft: Comtiari’s session inspection engine prevents the browser from performing unintended transactions.

- Make sure you are performing only what you intended to do: Comitari’s security engine inspects user behavior and prevents attempts to make him perform unwanted actions.

- Prevent the compromise of your machine (remote code execution): Comitari’s Protection Suite constantly searches for buffer overflow attempts, preventing attackers from taking over the computer.

- Keep your personal files safe: Comitari’s files system sandbox engine prevents files stealing from local machine and network shares by malicious web pages.


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