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TopWinPrio – To manage the launch priority of your software: TopWinPrio is a small application that will make the use of your computer a lot more comfortable. Actually, what this software does is instantly change the priority for the execution of the applications you use on your machine. So, for instance, if you’re running an antivirus program, a Word file and your web browser, these three applications will be executed according to the exact same priorities. And if the app you want to use right then is Word, the execution of the other two apps will be bothering you. Thanks to TopWinPrio, all applications are started up with low priority, and only the one you want to concentrate and work on will be given high priority. So in our case, Word will receive the highest priority level and will (almost) not be throttled by the antivirus and the web browser. And that’s great if you’re fed up with losing your precious time and with swearing at your !&%$”/@ computer…


Mostly all applications in Windows are given a “Normal” priority. That means that all the programs run simultaneously and if you have a lot of programs running, all will run equally slow.

TopWinPrio checks every now and then to see what window is active at the moment. When it finds the one, it gives it higher priority than the usual normal priority. Once this window loses focus, topWinPrio gives the window its standard status back. By default, TopWinPrio gives the active application a priority “AboveNormal”, but not “High” as many programs do. This is due to the balance of giving the active window a higher priority, meanwhile not taking priority from the drivers. The alternative to use high priority is available, but not recommended.

Although it might make games work smoother, but do not use High priority on online games, it will conflict with your network driver’s priority and that will cause your game to lag. TopWinPrio runs in the background and can be set to start when windows starts, just run it and forget it’s there. TopWinPrio will work in the background without you needing to do anything.

TopWinPrio has been tested on XP, Vista and Win7. This program is written in C#, and requires .Net framework 3.5 installed.


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