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Software that were created to extract icons and thumbnails of all kinds abound on the Net and making a shrewd choice in this vast array of diverse apps often proves to be a real headache, after all they are each with their own added value, but also their own negative points.

Unless you start to install all those that seem most relevant and test them one by one on your computer, it remains very difficult to find the "perfect" app that can meet all your expectations.

However, if you are looking for a very easy to use while remaining very practical app, Thumbico could pleasantly surprise you as it is comprehensive and ingenious despite a more spartan interface.

Many similar apps can boast more features than Thumbico, but very few manage to match its ease of use. Indeed, once the application is launched, you just have to click on any document, program, thumbnail, icon, picture or video and drop it directly into the app window to preview the actual size image with its size in pixels. For people who don't like to use Drag and Drop, Thumbico even offers the possibility to select the files to be opened with a navigation bar located at the top of the application.

In one quick step you just did the bulk of the work. You then just need to pick one of the features that the app offers to sharpen the image and get the desired result.

You can adjust the size of your image using the Ctrl ++ and Ctrl +- zoom combinations on your keyboard or choose from the standard sizes that are available in the menu at the top right of the app (from 16x16 up to 512x512). You can also specify the size of your thumbnail directly in the numeric fields situated to the right of the bar exploration (remember to refresh the image by clicking on the green arrow). Thumbico also allows you to rotate the image to the left (Alt + L) and to the right (Alt + R) or rotate it horizontally (Alt + H) as well as vertically (Alt + V), to convert it to black and white using the Grayscale Mode (Alt + Y) or to add a colored background with a customizable color palette.

You are used to insert images in your presentations or screencasts? Then use the Glass and Naked modes for rendering with the best result your compositions.

You are finished and completely satisfied with the result? Save (Ctrl + S) all your new creations in JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP format, or copy them to the Windows clipboard (Ctrl + Shift + C).

Even if at first glance, Thumbico does not look like the most complete, the app will surprise you with its simplicity and ability to handle a multitude of disparate files and extract images and thumbnails easily and quickly with very useful keyboard shortcuts and features particularly effective.


Thumbico displays the thumbnail or icon of any file, image, document, video or program from your Desktop or computer. But unlike Windows, which shows you small, standard sized images, Thumbico gives you the large, any size "uncensored" version. Thumbico offers image saving and copying, a Glass Mode for screenshot or screencast purposes, custom or standard sizes, and drag and drop support.

Software developers can find Thumbico useful for testing how their program icon looks like at different sizes (Taskbar size, Start Menu size, Desktop size) and how the icon transparency blends with different backgrounds.


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