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by Korben, on
TextCrawler – Find and replace for smart guys: It has often occurred to me in my existence as a developer / IT specialist / network administrator that I had to handle huge amounts of text files. These could be, for instance, source codes, log files, export files for specific apps, or HTML files. What I was sometimes asked was to substitute a word for another one in these files, to establish proper links, or to extract other types of information, such as, email addresses, figures, etc. The appropriate solution for this kind of business: TextCrawler. A pretty amazing windows tool you use to search, replace, insert, or delete text quickly in a large variety of text files. TextCrawler is able to deal with multi-giga files, extract information to a clean document (like my email addresses mentioned earlier) and to process the same file in order to delete duplicates or empty spaces. You can of course request the system to save every single one of these files in its original state to avoid losing your data by mistake. ;-) All this work can be done thanks to several possibilities offered by TextCrawler. First of all, there is this standard search/replace function that plainly uses a key word, but there’s also – and this is the apps actual strong point – the search function using regular expressions. For all those who are not familiar with regular expressions: this is a peculiar kind of syntax (here’s info on it) that allows to search and extract character chains drowned in tons and tons of text. Regular expressions make it easy to create models that are able to find dates, email addresses, URLs and so forth, that you can then extract (and generate lists) or replace by something different. In addition to its main search engine, TextCrawler offers modules that allow: - to test your regular expressions before applying them to your 25,000 files :-) - to clean a text by deleting the duplicated lines and the like - and to batch program several processes at a time. This is perfect to apply series of several operations at a time on a number of files. And it’s 100% freeware !


TextCrawler is a fantastic tool for anyone who works with text files. This cool utility enables you to instantly find and replace words and phrases across multiple files and folders. It utilises a powerful Regular Expression engine to enable you to create sophisticated searches, preview replace, perform batch operations, extract text from files and more. It is fast and easy to use, and as powerful as you need it to be.

A manual is available at http://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/content/textcrawler/manual"

TextCrawler is freeware, but any donations towards future development are gratefully received. If in the future a pay-for version of Textcrawler is released all contributors will receive a full licence!


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