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Super Mario Adventure is one of Mario games that follow a classical platformer, Super Mario Bros. In Super Mario Adventure the gameplay is very similar to the one presented in the first Mario game. In this game, however, the emphasis is put on dexterity – the amount of places where it is easy to fall down can surprise you. If you do fall, you lose the game and have to start over. The monsters are much less dangerous than failed jumps – if you happen to run into an enemy, you lose one of your mushrooms; if you lose the last one, you die. Moving between various locations on each level goes in different way, than in Super Mario Bros, as well – you have to touch a green quotation mark to process. This game also offers you to do high jumps by pressing the crouch button along with the jump button. High jumps are often useful to get power- ups, more coins or to move forward. Super Mario Adventure uses a nice, popular Mario tune as its background music to make the game more pleasant. It also features an option to continue the game from the beginning of the last level you have unlocked. Download Super Mario Adventure and enjoy a new take on the old Mario!


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