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Start Menu Reviver is probably the most unique of all the Start menus that we tested. As its name implies, Start Menu Reviver does not just add a Start menu, it "revives" it. This software has indeed taken full advantage of the "look & feel" Modern UI to integrate it in a fabulous interface that is nevertheless extremely convenient. It is possible to include in this Start menu up to 32 tiles, each containing a shortcut to your programs, documents and favorite folders. To this is added a few icons that allow direct access to some Windows features : Windows Settings, Network, Search, Run, and finally Apps which will bring up a new menu showing all the programs installed on your PC according to different criteria (shows all apps, new apps, desktop app, Start Menu folder, custom ... ). The elegance of the interface due to the tiling scheme also makes Start Menu Reviver the only Start menu really suited to a touchscreen device.

Start Menu Reviver also offers other functions with, among others, the ability to stop, pause or restart your system, a powerful search function, the ability when starting your PC to go to the standard screen of Windows 8 to directly access the traditional desktop while leaving you the possibility to return to it later if necessary, the choice of the design of the Start button, the ability to create tiles for quick and easy access to your programs or favorite websites etc..

So in brief, Start Menu Reviver offers a full Start menu, is entirely free and works even for Windows 7 users.


Don't just replace your Start Menu - revive it. Start Menu Reviver is designed for you, whether you just want a Start Menu back in Windows 8, or want to have more control in Windows 7. Start Menu Reviver is the only choice that brings back the familiarity you're accustomed to and embraces the enhancements in the future of Windows.

The unique tile structure in Start Menu Reviver means that it is the only Start Menu that is truly touch-friendly. Of course you can still use your mouse and keyboard, but with Start Menu Reviver you can also easily add, remove, move and edit at the touch of a finger.

Start Menu Reviver accommodates up to 32 tiles so you can customize it for a truly personal experience. Choose which applications, documents, folders and more you want to launch directly from your Start Menu. You can also change the tile images using our ever-growing library of icons, or create your very own.

Launch both traditional desktop programs and new Windows 8 modern applications directly from the the Start Menu. No other product allows you to do this.


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