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Breathtaking space shooter with more than 100 levels, 8 original missions and of course huge impressive Bosses

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Star Defender 4 is a breathtaking space shooter that still has all the best features of Star Defender series. You’ll be dazzled by splendidly craft graphics and music. Face tons of new enemies with a unique style of behavior and new ways of attacking in Star Defender 4. Use new Star Defender 4 weapons: machine-gun, saw, flame thrower, acid bomb and cutter! And also the best weapons from the previous: parasitron, lasers, infector, ball lightning, missiles, homing laser and barriers! Blast through more than 100 levels, 8 original missions and of course huge impressive Bosses in the end of every mission!

You'll get the real pleasure playing Star Defender 4!If you need a breathtaking that won't let you let a mouse out of your hands to have a cup of coffee, which got already cold… If you want to feel as you were the Intergalactic Disinfector Number one who craves for taking vengeance on that disgusting annoying insects... If you long for the real war - then Star Defender 4 is for you! Download free full versiontoday and hold your breath... 


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