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Source Backup – The easy way to protect your source code : If you are a developer, you know how important the protection of your source code is!!! You may be a wizard at programming, but it is always a challenge to stay safe from a hard drive crash or accidental deletion. Source Backup is a Windows app using .Net and available on Allmyapps that lets you implement a back-up policy in a few clicks. It was originally intended to be used with Visual Studio, but it has now custom options that makes it compatible with other code editors. It is up to you to define the root folder that will contain your files, then name the zip file that will be created, and finally filter the type of files selected to be included in the root folder. By default the zip file is saved in the root folder but if you want you can design another one, such as a Dropbox folder for example. Source Backup is able to ignore binary/object directories, append the date and show ignored files by simply ticking the corresponding box. An handy tool so, even if personally I think that it is missing an incremental backup method or an automatic one for programmers.


This utility was created to quickly back up source code files to a single archive (zip file) and copy/move them to another computer or simply to archive them.

- Backs up files into single zip file

- File types included/excluded in backup can be customized using predefined filters

- Predefined filters can be added/edited and remove at will

- Post back up action - None, copy or move file to another location

- Bin/Obj directories can be excluded

- Backup file name can be appended with current date

- Integrates into VS2008/VS2010 External Tools!

- Use .Net 4.0 framework.

- Move action is Windows 7 UAC aware.

- Fille type .sbkd is associated in Windows Explorer to launch predefined backups


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