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Finally! Your prayers have just been answered. Your personal quest for the One Ring started so long ago ends triumphantly. For so long, you were looking for the application that would change your life forever and appease this unquenchable thirst for power gnawing within you. You now have the ultimate power, the one making the entire human race dream and fight since time immemorial, toppling empires and ravaging entire continents.

You now hold the immense power to remotely control your PC from your smartphone, lying comfortably in your cozy bed (or elsewhere, for the more active among you)!

Developed by the famous German company Roccat specializing in accessories for Gamers, Power-Grid succeeds in the challenge of transforming your smartphone into a remote control for your Windows PC.

But before you can access the One Ring, you will need to first install the software on the PC you want to control and secondly on the smartphone (or tablet) that will serve as a remote control.

Once connected to your WiFi network (PC and smartphone must be on the same local network), the mobile app will detect the IP address of your computer and connect the 2 devices together.

Then all you need is to configure the grids provided by the basic application (or create them yourself) and display those that seem the most adequate to your criteria on your smartphone and your computer (additional grids, sometimes with a fee, are available online on their site).

This way, Power-Grid gives you the ability to monitor in real time the different components of your PC system (CPU load, internet speed, RAM usage, ...), to control certain Windows functions (locking, desktop display, shut down of the computer, ...), to have easy access to your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, ...) and your multimedia applications, to associate commands and macros to interact with some well-known games (Battlefield 3, Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, ...), all this (among many other possibilities) from your mobile phone via easy to use buttons and shortcuts fully customizable!

Roccat will even make available very soon two new products (for a fee) using universal dock (Phobo and Apuri 2.0) and able to connect by USB and not just via Wifi.

Very simple to use and highly customizable, Power-Grid requires little resources and therefore doesn't require the latest smartphone to function properly. New features making the app even better are planned soon, features that will undoubtedly convince some skeptics and the most stubborn to the use of this indispensable app for all mobile freaks.


ROCCAT™ Power-Grid™ is an advanced and fully-customizable remote control for your PC. It lets you connect to, monitor, and control your PC and games directly from your smartphone – and all without having to leave the action. Best of all: it’s totally free to get started. 

To run Power-Grid you need to download and install two components: the host software and the mobile app. The host software is the engine of Power-Grid –the part that does all the work. It processes and renders everything before relaying it to the mobile app, so it’s important to install it part first. You can find the download links for iOS et Android here


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