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Test your limits!

Project Blackout will test your skills as gamer with fastpaced action, precision shooting, and twitch response times.Project Blackout's graphics, surround sound, and cameraeffects will put you in the middle of the action and test yourskills at a whole new level. Lock and load!

Immersive Battlefields!

Every map in Project Blackout is carefully crafted to giveoperators an immersive experience. With realistically skinnedmodels and destructible environments, Project Blackoutraises the bar for immersion in MMO shooters.Shoot through barriers to take out hiding enemies,employ explosives, dust, realistic ballistics, and utilizethe environment to gain the edge and destroy your enemies!Need a quicker route through a map? Make your own!Destroyable architecture makes it possible to create ashortcut through a map to gain a tactical advantagewhen you really need it. As the environments change,so will the operators need to adjust tactics to survive.Effective use of the environment iskey to an operator's survival.

Weapon Extensions

A well trained operator knows that without a weapon youmight as well be dead already. In Project Blackout manyweapons come with extensions that augment thefunctionality of your weapon. Whether its dual magazines,holo sights, scopes, or red dots these extensions willgive you an edge in battle. But it's all up to Operatorpreference; you need to pick the weapon you're mostefficient with!

Protect that thick skull!

Body armor and helmets give operators the ability toprotect vital organs and their heads from enemy fire.Enemies will be watching for you to poke your head out and take you down, so don't be caughtwithout proper protection!In Project Blackout, operators can shoot through enemiesand barriers, so don't rely on others or walls to protect youfrom that sniper. Smart tactics and good use ofbody armor will save an operator in a pinch!With the desire for customization always on the rise,operators will have choices of special defensive andoffensive bonuses, and equipment to improve battlefieldexperience!

Call to Duty!

There's more to war than killing! You need training, you need equipment, and you need experience.Operators in Project Blackout are expected to keep at the top of their game.Project Blackout offers special missions in game that will reward operators with special perks,items, and ranks. These missions will drive you to be more than just another grunt with a gun,they'll turn you into an elite operator.Fortunately, these missions, while challenging, can be accomplished duringregular play so you won't need to be distracted while trying to complete your missions.


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