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The quality of the cameras available on the market is growing steadily with the promise for their owners to finally make great pictures. Despite this the rendering is not always as expected. In this case there is only one solution: edit your picture. If you're not a pro at Photoshop, not to mention the prohibitive cost of this software, the task can be difficult. Fortunately, there are solutions such as Photomizer that aren't so cost prohibitive. Photomizer 2 SE is a free utility that will allow you to edit your pictures the easiest way possible.

With Photomizer it isn't necessary to seek the desired option among a multitude of filters and effects, the program takes care of everything automatically. Simply open your picture and Photomizer will suggest to you an optimization that you can immediately see through the preview option . If the changes are correct, you only have to choose the format of its backup (. jpg by default ) and click on the Save button. If you think you can do better than the automatic correction, you can adjust the level of correction and color manually, and possibly even apply an HDR effect ( High Dynamic Range). Here too, handling is just dragging two sliders and selecting a checkbox, it's child's play! So you can create a new profile that will be either the default profile or a new profile that you can later use for other images that require a similar adjustment.

Photomizer has a simple and user-friendly interface. When you upload your pictures (you can select multiple pictures at a time), they appear in a preview list. Then simply drag the desired picture at the center of the interface to have an enlarged version where you can immediately compare the result of the optimization to the original picture. There is also a button to see the picture in full screen. All other parameters, usage statistics and profile definition are located to the right on the screen.

Photomizer is available in several languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Turkish).


Photomizer 1 set the bar high – the new Photomizer 2 SE jumps over it, raises the known efficient functionality of the predecessor thanks to many internal improvements to a new level and completes it with numerous filters and additional minor and major changes.

Many new and old functions but everything is easy to reach and to operate: Thanks to the completely revised user interface you can work with Photomizer 2 SE as smoothly as usual, target-oriented and undisturbed by any distractions – but with a clearer arranged interface, even a bit more intuitively and with a new zoom function and full-screen preview for a better image analysis. The 1-click optimization, popular with hobby- and semi-professional photographers, was kept of course.

The new editing profiles provide another enhancement towards perfect user friendliness. These are defaults that can be used for defined groups of photos to improve special features. Included in delivery are numerous default profiles – like those for optimization of digital camera shots, slides, webcam photos, scans and cellphone snapshots. This time-saving and efficient collection can be completed by your own profiles for individual viewing habits.

Please note that this is a special version of Photomizer 2. It contains all functions of the commercial version except for the batch mode.


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