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PC Optimizer Pro is a registry cleaner and a suite of high-power utilities that monitor as well as adjust your PC for maximum security and performance.


Windows registry is a database which stores setting for all the hardware and operating system software. Many a user doesn’t come across this very vital tool of Microsoft windows but the fact remains that we just can’t imagine a Windows Operating without a registry. It is a place on PC where Windows stores all the information such as the information regarding opening of a particular application or regarding changing system settings. As a matter of fact, Windows registry contains profiles of each user of your PC, info regarding all the applications installed on your system and all types of documents that various applications create as well as info regarding hardware existing on your system, and their respective ports. Most of the time, registry contains some invalid entries either due to uninstallation of an application done without using the Add or Remove Programs function, or due to some object or file in the registry that was moved by you. All the orphaned or misplaced information keeps on accumulating inside the registry of your PC. A clogged registry results into slowing down of your system, error messages, a blue screen of death, and system crashes. Your PC’s startup process gets slower than what that should be.


PC users would surely like to have an automatic junk file remover to resolve performance related issues. These tools are called as registry cleaners. PC Optimizer Pro is a tool of this very category. The tool comes with practical utilities: Registry Optimizer; Tracks Eraser; File Shredder; Startup Manager; Uninstaller; Windows Tools and System Info. The prime function of PC Optimizer Pro is to clean Windows registry for an improved PC speed. For that purpose, it scans and then, repairs your computer system. It improves your computer’s overall hardware and software performance.

Below are the utilities that PC Optimizer Pro has:

Registry Optimizer

Unwanted files are always present in the windows registry of your PC making the latter very cumbersome. Registry optimizer does the cleaning of unwanted files for an effective PC performance.

Tracks Eraser

Excessive internet tracks can make PC running complicated. So lesser the better. Moreover, Track Eraser does the job of protecting your PC’s overall privacy.

File Shredder

File Shredder function does the job of permanently removing files from your disk thereby dispelling the fears of them being ever recovered (a vital function because even when you trash files or reformat your hard drive, data can still be recovered and can be misused).

Startup Manager

Start up manager is a type of software utility which brushes up your PC‘s start-up so that you may have a speedier PC. It allows you to control, configure and review your programs that start when you power up your system or logon to Windows.

Software Uninstaller

Software Uninstaller uninstalls useless programs present in your PC, making your PC simpler and friendlier for you.

Backup Restore

This does the task of managing your PC’s overall back-up in a user-friendly manner.



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