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Genie Outlook Express Backup is designed to easily create a backup or archive file of your Mail folders from Microsoft® Outlook Express which may easily be restored when necessary.

- It supports backing up the data of all the identities in Microsoft Outlook Express in the same backup file!

- It backs up all your Microsoft Outlook Express files plus your Favorites and Windows Address Book.

- Backup your data as an executable EXE file.

- You can view the emails inside the backup file without the need to restore them.

- Genie Outlook Express Backup uses a wizard-like style of backup and restore that makes it so easy to use and enables all kind of users from backing up their own data.

- It offers the user an increased backup speed compared to the backups that he used to perform, as Genie Outlook Express Backup employs an advanced On-The-Fly Compression that enables the user from transforming up to 1GB of data into a 650MB backup file that can be stored on a CD in a fast orderly manner.

- The automatic media spanning is a feature that makes Genie Outlook Express Backup more adaptable to your requirements.

- Genie Outlook Express Backup enables you from operating up to 2GB in a single Backup Job.

- It supports versions 5 and 6 of Outlook Express where it automatically detects the version.

- Backup with timestamps.

- While restoring your data through Genie Outlook Express Backup , it enables you from previewing your to-be-restored data before restoring it.

- Genie Outlook Express Backup offers three handy ways for backing up your data that you will choose from according to your need (Normal, Increment and Mirror Backup).

- All the existing mail attachments are saved and restored with the message folders.

- You can backup/restore all of your e-mail messages, or just selected folders.

- Right after the backup, Genie Outlook Express Backup will initiate a validation scheme that will ensure that the backup process was a success.

- An automatic backup scheduler that enables you from starting the backup process at anytime without you being physically there.

- Genie Outlook Express Backup offers you a simple, low-cost and effective solution for the once-troublesome problem of data protection.

- It also increases the level of security on your data by enabling you from activating password protection on your backed up data.

- When you try to restore your backed up data to a machine that already has Outlook Express operational and consisting of e-mail messages inside it, Genie Outlook Express Backup can synchronize between the already existing e-mail on the machine and the restored data.

- Genie Outlook Express Backup is user friendly enough to allow regular users and non-professional operatives from performing backup operations that used to be done by professionals in the past.

- Backup and restore log in Html format


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