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Online Armor initially starts in standard mode, which is easy for anyone to manage. Standard mode doesn't focus on technical details, but rather on the simple question: IS A CERTAIN PROGRAM ALLOWED TO ACCESS THE INTERNET OR NOT? Safe programs on our centrally maintained whitelist are automatically allowed access by the firewall. In advanced mode there are numerous options for experienced users. For example, it is possible to restrict access to only selected networks or to prevent access to websites from specific countries which are known for spreading malicious software. Online Armor's third mode is banking mode which stands for secure online banking.

Keyloggers are a type of malware that lurk invisibly in the background, waiting to capture keystrokes. Usually these keystrokes are then sent to a hacker - for example when entering a Paypal login, or the PIN of an online banking website. Online Armor protects the user by reporting any suspicious programs that try to record keyboard sequences. Our centrally maintained whitelist also includes programs that are known to be safe despite displaying keylogger-like behaviour and Online Armor will not bother the user with alerts for such programs.

DNS-Poisoning is a silent method of redirecting users to fake websites designed to look like their online banking site. Your Internet Service Provider offers a DNS-Server that is used to convert a text address entered into a browser into a numerical IP address. Clever cyber-criminals may redirect such requests to their computers where their own DNS-server is installed, which then leads the user to a phishing website. Online Armor prevents this by cross-checking all DNS requests against our own secure server and if the IP's do not match, the user is immediately alerted.


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