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The days when Norton Antivirus was a resource intensive antivirus capable of crippling your computer are long gone. Norton Antivirus is now consistently rated among the best antivirus on the market, both in terms of protection and use. You can install the software easily and it offers you a clear and user-friendly interface for easy maintenance and daily use. Note that the "Norton Vulnerability Protection" and " Norton Identity Safe Toolbar" extensions are automatically installed. "Identity Safe" is a password manager that allows you to quickly connect to your favorite websites without having to remember the passwords you used before. "Vulnerability Protection" meanwhile, is a sophisticated prevention mechanism that allows a better protection from intrusions for your web browsers. "Vulnerability Protection" can, among other things, scan websites and social networks to identify the latest threats. Of course these two modules can be deactivated at any time. Besides the traditional analysis from a database of signatures, Norton Antivirus provides effective real-time protection with SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) which uses heuristic technologies able to check how dangerous a file really is. This way SONAR can protect you even before the new virus definitions are made available.

Norton Antivirus has a nice and clear interface largely inspired by the "look & feel" of the Modern UI of Windows 8, that facilitates its use from touch screen or tablet. The main window is composed of 3 main menus: Scan for virus, LiveUpdate, and Advanced.

Typically, Norton Antivirus offers 3 types of scans (quick, full and custom) with the possibility of automatic scheduling via configuration settings (with the option for Norton Antivirus to only run when your computer is inactive). The Scan for virus in the context menu also provides a tool for emergency repair with "Norton Power Eraser" in case you suspect your computer of being infected by an undetected threat. (You should only use this tool  with the greatest caution.) Added to this is the ability to scan your Facebook wall with the Norton Safe Web module that automatically checks all links and URL displayed.

The LiveUpdate menu is a simple button that allows the download and management of the definitions and programs updates. Running LiveUpdate is automatic if the limitation of bandwidth usage option is turned on and set on no limit.

The Advanced menu lets you view at a glance the status of your computer protection (activation, Antispyware, SONAR protection, email protection, etc.). The history and content of "Quarantine" are also visible from this menu. An additional security feature, "Norton Insight" allows an insightful analysis of active programs on your computer and displays a level of approval (from Approved to Low), how often it is used by the Norton community, and an assessment of the stability of the programs and the resources used. You should also note the presence of a "Performance" mode intended to alert the user in case of over-intensive use of resources while providing a history of threat detections, downloads, alerts, analysis ...

Overall Norton Antivirus offers a pleasant user experience with a highly satisfactory level of performance, even on less powerful computers. All aspects of security are skillfully put in place and allow the user to feel well protected when browsing the web or on social networks.



Norton Security Standard offers comprehensive protection recommended for your Windows PC or Mac.

Defends against viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats.

Safeguards your identity and online transactions.

1. Protects better and faster than the competition

2. Includes our 100% guarantee: We’ll help keep your device virus-free or give you a refund


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