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NetDrive – Virtual disk to map your FTP connections: If you use an FTP storage to store your files or Websites, you need a program such as Filezilla to access them. Not always the most practical option mainly if you need to access them on a regular basis. The ideal solution would be to make this FTP connection to a remote server, a virtual disk. It is now possible with NetDrive! NetDrive offers you a direct connection to the remote server, through WebDav or FTP, in Windows Explorer and lets you assign drive letters to them. This can quickly become your main priority if you use software that cannot handle the FTP connection and you need the storage space (for example, a backup program). This can also be very handy if you are a Software or Internet developer. You can now work directly on your sites without having to fetch your files from an other application. Indeed, NetDrive lets you manipulate the files directly on the FTP storage space. If you have a movie on your FTP network and you double click to start playing it, it will start instantly. You do not need to wait for the download to be finished before starting to use the file. Same principle with the .exe, you can run them by simply double clicking them from your NetDrive monitor.


NetDrive allows you to connect storage servers with WEBDAV and FTP protocol. Since NetDrive provides Windows device driver, you can manage files and folders in storage server as though they are in your PC local drive just by simple drag-and-drop. NetDrive also connects through firewalls and NAT since WEBDAV is an extension of HTTP(80) protocol. Once you mount the local drive, you don't need to run an application or an FTP client interface but a simple drag-and-drop in your Windows Explorer will be sufficient to transfer and manage files. No need to run multiple cloud access programs. No more sync. NetDrive will connect all cloud storage as local drives.


  • Direct access to cloud storage from your desktop
  • Multiple cloud storage as local disk drives (Dropbox, box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, openstack, amazon web services)
  • Try now, and purchase later. (the free version is limited up to two drives and auto-connection is allowed for a single drive)




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