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mundu TV is a mobile tv application that enables you to watch the IPL - 4 on your phone with wifi or 3G connectivity. It also offers popular Indian TV content to the user.

mundu TV comes with a 7 day full trial period where you can try out the complete application with unrestricted access to all channels and profiles

- Cricket comes alive : The Indian Premier League 4 is being brought to you on the device of your choice. With highlights / re-runs and pre/post match analysis, it is what every cricket fan truly needs

- Pause Live TV: Want to get popcorn but not miss that six? You can pause TV for a few minutes and resume watching it later from the point where it was paused

- Works in your office: mundu TV is supported by nearly all routers and firewalls, continue to cheer your team through your office's wifi connection

- Enhanced viewing Experience: Enjoy full screen viewing of the cricketing action and highlights through an intuitive UI that allows easy navigation between channels

- Logout / Migration: You can use the logout/migrate option to use mundu TV on another mobile device or desktop. Keep the T20 action mobile

** You can use mundu TV on any one mobile device and one desktop using a single account ** The action is going to follow you

- Watch the Indian Premier League explode through a one time subscription that also covers Mundu TV's other channels

mundu TV is available on platforms like Symbian, Desktop, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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