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Moo0 FileShredder – Effective deletion: You may not be aware of it, but when you delete a file from Windows (including from the recycle bin), this file is still easy to recover with the right tools. It is possible as Windows doesn’t burden itself with throughout deletions in order to save time. Indeed, when you empty the recycle bin on your computer, the erased files are only dereferenced from the OS so that Windows can thereafter overwrite them with new files. That does not mean that overwriting occurs immediately. Therefore, the deleted files are still available on the hard drive until more data overwrite them. But sometimes, we really don’t want to leave sensitive files lying around for a curious person to come snooping around. So a very effective solution to this problem is Moo0 FileShredder, a small tool available on Allmyapps, which allows the secured and effective deletion of files. To do this, simply select the method of deletion (you can choose the security level you want there too), and just click and drag all the file to delete with the Moo0 FileShredder interface. The different methods available are listed and explained in the Moo0 FileShredder interface, but the important thing to remember is that the more you overwrite the initial file the more difficult it will be to recover. Moo0 FileShredder runs under Windows XP/Vista/7 and is available in a multitude of languages.


Moo0 FileShredder lets you easily erase your private / secret files perfectly off your HDD.

This kind of tool is "must have", since all of your private data is usually recoverable by anybody even after you delete it. This program is made very easy to use, and you just need to drag and drop your private files / folders onto the window. It currently supports 4 levels of erasing methods depending on how important the file deletion is to you.


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