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The new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of information noise.

Groups :

* Synchronized between user platforms.

* View group\'s timeline in one click.

* One user could be placed in several groups.

ActiveList :

* Be notified of the updates that really important to you.

* Can contain users, groups and channels.

* View user\'s or group\'s timeline in one click from ActiveList

* Automatic layout to show most recent updates on top.

* Synchronized between user platforms

Context :

* Read what is actual for each of your locations — Home, Office, Train etc

* Synchronized between user platforms

Filters :

* Can be set for a user\'s or group\'s timeline

* Synchronized between user platforms

* Stop-keyword support

* Easy filter on/off turning

Channels :

* For now is only saved search on twitter, will be extended soon

* Mixero suggests icon for a channel from google images

* Can be added to ActiveList, stored in Channels tab on the right panel

* Synchronized between user platforms

URLs + Autocompletion :

* Easy and quick inline url shortener/unshortener

* Preview unshortened link in tooltip before click

* Support for most used url shorteners

* Easy and quick inline username autocompletion in replies and direct messages

Smart Preview :

* Preview images from Twitpic, Flickr and other image hosting services most used at Twitter directly in timeline

* Watch frames from YouTube videos directly in timeline

UI :

* Three panels view: Timeline, ActiveList and Contacts

* You can create any number of panels with any size and layout

Avatars Mode :

* You can work with other applications without missing any important updates

* Automatic transition to Avatars Mode when Mixero loses focus

Multiple accounts support :

* Manage several twitter accounts

* Never miss any important replies or DMs on each of your accounts

* See the streams from all logged in accounts in combined timelines in Mixed mode.


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