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Jottiq – 18 antivirus in 1 : Jottiq is an antivirus unlike others that lets you scan your files directly from 18 online antivirus such as Kaspersky, Avast, NOD32, Panda Antivir, Bitdefender etc., by right clicking on it in Windows. Its main advantage is having a free antivirus without needing to go online to find all the different editors, while still enjoying the benefits of their multiple analysis. By scanning a downloaded file with the 18 antivirus, you can feel safe knowing that there is very little risks that a virus passes through the cracks and infects your computer. Jottiq has in addition to a more traditional scan, the option to scan running applications and processes on your computer. Obviously, the scan is done depending on the availability of the different antivirus and at time some might not respond as the screenshot shows above. You should also be aware that files over 20 MB are not scanned due to their size and that Jottiq doesn’t scan live all the actions performed on your PC, so in my opinion it doesn’t replace a real antivirus, nonetheless it is very handy to have as an option.


JottiQ is a tool that makes it more convenient to use Jotti's malware scan, which is an online service optimized for one-by-one scanning of files you do not trust.

Its purpose is that of an investigative tool, for when you do not trust a file you came across but your current security software seems to think it is as harmless a file as they come. It is not meant to replace your virus scanner, nor is it meant to scan the heaps and heaps of nasty things that float around on your computer because you are too cheap/lazy/picky to get software that is meant for that purpose.

JottiQ is meant for a low number of files that you do not trust more-so than the rest of your computer.

Notification: .Net Framework 4 and Visual C++ 2010 runtime are installed with JottiQ. You will need to reboot your computer after installing JottiQ.


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