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Jet Screenshot is a freeware utility enabling you to share screen snaps via internet in seconds. It allows you to take a snap, edit it quickly and send to FTP, so that you can immediately provide anyone with the link to the image. It’s ideal for fast and handy exchange of visual information.

Jet Screenshot is a simple way to communicate with others visually. Want to show something graphically instead of banging out a chapter of text with wordy, unclear explanations? Use Jet Screenshot! Let people see what you mean by showing a picture instead of making them figure out the message from hundreds of words in a mail message or a phone conversation.

Jet Screenshot creates a special icon in the system tray. Click on it and you will immediately begin uploading the screen snap to the internet. As soon as the image is uploaded to the server, its link will be automatically copied to the clipboard so that you can send it to anyone you like. Don't bother sending e-mails with the attached screen snap to one or many users, you'll just waste time waiting for the reply. Contact them directly in a chat or forum to deliver the link and get a reply right away. Share ideas fast, facilitating further discussion.

Need to note something in addition to a screenshot? Simply edit a shot prior to sending it to the Web using the built-in editing tools of Jet Screenshot. Just click Jet Screenshot's icons to take a screen snap and then access various editing tools...text, lines and geometric figures to quickly mark up the screenshot. Jet Screenshot is specially designed for office work. This is why it'll be useful for most anyone who communicates online: programmers, designers, QA testers, bloggers, technical assistance specialists, sales managers, etc. Getting the visual message across has never been so EASY - just three steps - capture, annotate and share. Download Jet Screenshot right now!


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