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iTunes Agent has been renamed to Notpod, and has moved from to Notpod offers the same well known user interface, and the only change is that it will no longer present itself as iTunes Agent, but rather Notpod.

Welcome to the first release of the application under the name Notpod. There are a few changes in this version, but the big news is the new name. We hope you will continue to enjoy using the application under it's new name.

Noteworthy changes in this version:

* Added new synchronize patterns which respects disc numbers

* Added another check for misconfigured devices.

Source code for Notpod is available from

Please ensure you always back up your music library and other important files on your computer. Before continuing with this installation, please make sure you save any open files to prevent loss of data in case a computer reboot is necessary. It's always important to back up both your computer and portable devices.

Notpod (the Application) is distributed "as is", and the Application's developer or the Producer and Distributor of any media player used with the Application takes no responsiblity for damages or lost files due to the use of the Application. If uncertain about proper use of the Application, please refer to the Application website at

Before starting to use the the Application with your device, it should not contain any music files. This will ensure that the device is properly synchronized. Any music files on the device, in the configured music folder, will be deleted at first synchronization unless their name match one of the tracks you put in the playlist for the device.

Please make sure to visit frequently to check for updates.

The Application, the website and the Application developers are not in any way supported by, or associated with, Apple Computer Inc. ( - or any other device or media software manufacturer that Notpod may be distributed by or used with.

Thank you for choosing to use Notpod. We hope you will enjoy synchronizing your music library to your portable media device.


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