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iTunes is a media player created by Apple. You can use it to manage and play both audio and video files on your computer. But iTunes is not only a player, it is also a great store where you can find nearly anything you like. Just make your choice between millions of songs and thousands of movies and TV shows to buy or rent. iTunes comes with iCloud, a cloud service which enables you to synchronize all your music, videos between your devices (computer(s), ipad, ipod, iphone ...). Many others features (Genius, Match, podcast, radio ...) help increase iTunes popularity.


iTunes is a free application that organizes and plays your digital music and video on your computer. It keeps all your content in sync. And it’s a store on your computer, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV that has everything you need to be entertained. Anywhere. Anytime.

iTunes lets you enjoy all your music, movies, video, and TV shows on your PC. When you want to watch or listen to something, you no longer have to look through your CDs or flip through channels — just go to your computer and open iTunes. With your entire media collection in your iTunes library, you can browse everything faster, organize it all more easily, and play anything whenever the mood strikes.

When you download music and video from iTunes, it’s immediately added to your iTunes library. There you can view your media collection any way you like. To find something specific, type the title or artist’s name in the search field and iTunes quickly reveals results as you type. In your library, anything you want to watch or hear is only a click away.

Good-bye, CDs. Hello, digital. Import your CD collection to iTunes, and listen to your music in new and better ways. Just pop a CD into your computer. If you’re online, iTunes automatically finds the album, artist, and song names. You can even choose to download cover art. And just like that, iTunes converts your music to a digital format. So long, CD clutter. Welcome to the digital world.


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