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Hideman VPN is an other solution that allows securing your Internet connection and to have an IP address that will let you access without any restrictions any site that you would like. Here too, you have the possibility to use a free version of the program for 5 hours / week. You will have in this case limits on your bandwidth (up to 512 Kb / sec), a traffic limited to up to 2 GB per month and you can also only access the server Hiderman from 4 countries (Panama, Turkey, Singapore and Russia). For the rest, you have the same possibility than in the Premium version with specifically the choice between the encryption protocols OpenVPN or PPTP. That can well be enough for an infrequent use and to only get protection and anonymity. If you need more connection time and/or better performance, you will have to get the Premium version ( for a 69$/year fee with option to pay it per months 5.75$). For the Premium version you can not only install Hiderman VPN on your PC, but also on your mobile (iPhone, Android), your tablet iPad or on your computer (Windows, MacOS X, Linux). However be aware that you can only connect 3 devices at once.


Hideman VPN is an easy solution for privacy and protection via VPN. Hideman application creates VPN connection to one of Hideman's servers located in 16 countries around the world. New servers are added regularly to improve the service.

VPN connection protects your privacy and increase security level. It will also help you bypass the limitations of Internet-censorship and to get access to required sites. Connect to VPN in one click with Hideman VPN widget and access all these features:

  • Hide your IP. Nobody will know where are you from.
  • Encrypt internet data. Protect your Internet data with strong 256-bit encryption.
  • Use any site you needed without any limitations.
  • Remove banners and tracking systems.
  • 5 Hours / Week for FREE. Earn premium hours via in-app ad networks.
  • Pay from anywhere with in-app SMS billing.



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