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Linpus Gesture2Launch is a critically reviewed powerful gesture based application designed to for those with disabilities that make it more difficult to use a mouse and keyboard and negotiate the launcher menu system on Windows 8. It is also a useful all round productivity tool as it makes it easier and faster to launch applications on Windows 8 and help Windows 8 users who miss the Windows Start menu.

It offers an alternative to the familiarity of the Windows Start menu by delivering productivity, speed and ease-of-use by means of touch gestures: simply write a gesture anywhere on the screen to launch an application or a complete a task like restarting your computer. By writing directly on the screen it means you don't have to swipe and tap through many layers of the Windows 8 unfamiliar menu system.

Linpus Gesture2Launch not only allows you to launch applications but also predefined actions like – as mentioned above – restarting your computer, turning off or on Bluetooth, changing a wallpaper and locking the screen, among many others. In the case of restarting your computer you are clearly saving 3 or 4 taps and swipes as well the effort of negotiating the Windows 8 menu system.

A full list of features are below

  •     Create your own gestures
  •     Utilize the letters “a” to “z” as predefined gestures.
  •     Map gestures to any application in your system.
  •     In addition, map to 30 commonly used actions, for example, Restart or Lock Screen.
  •     Easily map and then change mapping through intuitive UI.
  •     Write on both the traditional desktop and Metro mode to launch
  •     Supports English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  •     Linpus Gesture Engine



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