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FreeMeter is a utility that monitors system performance. It was designed and programmed with the idea that a program that monitors system performance should not impact system performance! FreeMeter has the features that most people need and is FREE.

FreeMeter Features

- Disk Drive Space - Monitor the disk space usage of local and server volumes. Display information in megabytes or gigabytes.

- CPU Usage - Find out how busy your processor really is.

- Multiple CPU Support - Monitor processors separately or combined on systems with up to 4 CPUs.

- Physical Memory Usage - Two meters, one graphical and one text based, let you keep an eye on your memory use and help you discover if you have enough.

- Page File Usage - Two meters, one graphical and one text based, let you keep an eye on your page file usage.

- Page Faults - Indicates the rate at which pages are read from or written to disk to resolve hard page faults. This meter is a primary indicator of the kinds of faults that cause system-wide delays.

- File Cache - Monitors the amount of memory currently in use by the system file cache. The system cache is used to buffer data retrieved from disk or LAN. The system cache uses memory not in use by active processes in the computer.

- Network Performance - This meter monitors TCP/IP traffic. Up to two network meters can be displayed.

- Disk Performance - Graphs the performance of reads and writes to all your local hard disks.

- Running Processes - Get a list of running processes, including how much CPU time and memory they are using.

- Network Ping - Ping a list of hosts to determine which are up and how quickly they are responding.

- System Uptime - Displays the amount of time that system has been running.


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