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The program is intended for language learning. You can store, browse, search, export/import and print the vocabulary. Program can test your knowledge even according to your successfulness in past testings. The program contains two full dictionaries (Cambridge English 1. & 2.). The program now contains new test Agent. This Agent will force you to test the dictionary regularly.

If you start the program then the standard dictionary file will be opened. If you want to open a different dictionary, then use menu File. The program contains two different views. The first view displays all the vocabulary in the form of a list. This view is very useful for quick browsing. When you click on a word in this view, then at the bottom of the screen (in the status bar) you will see how successful you are with this word. You can also use this view to quickly find a word by pressing a leading character on the keyboard (the dictionary must be sorted). The other view is the view where you see just one word on the screen, but you see all the details. This view is used whenever you enter new words, modify or delete the existing words. You can work with the whole dictionary or with just a subset. If you want you can select (Select item in menu) just one lesson and then work with just words from this lesson or you can select all words you are not very successful with. Beside this you can use search feature (Find item in menu) to find specific words in the dictionary. You can also sort the dictionary by every possible way. When you think that you are ready, you can try to test the vocabulary. Program will randomly display words from the current selection. According to your answers the program will automatically update how successful you are with every word. At the status bar you will see the overall successfulness. If you want to reset the success then use menu item Reset Success from Tools menu. You can set labels, fonts and many other for each dictionary in Tools menu. Program allows you to print the dictionary as well as import and export the vocabulary.

There is a new program Learning Agent which displays a testing dialog in predefined intervals. All the agent parameters can be set in Agent tab in program parameters dialog (Preferences).


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