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by Patrice, on
CyberGhost VPN is a well recognized VPN solution that allows you to browse anonymously and in a perfectly secure way the Web. Here too your IP address, the one from your Internet provider in this case, is replaced by a CyberGhost IP address. CyberGhost has 250 servers strategically placed all over the world (including 52 in Germany and 35 in the US). To get a better picture of the number of servers available as well as the number of users connected monthly, go to this page: CyberGhost allows you to try their service for free but in a limited way. Only 20 servers are available in 14 countries ( instead of 253 in 20 countries for the Premium and Premium Plus versions) and you can't choose yourself the country that suit you. So, unless you choose a full version, you won't have the possibility to connect on a US server to access sites like Netflix or Hulu. On the other side, you will have the same encryption level (AES 256-bit) than the Premium version. The encryption protocol used is Open VPN whereas on the Premium version you have the choice between OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. You will also be automatically disconnected from the service after 3 hours of use. Anyways if you are happy with CyberGhost, you will have to pay between 5 euros (Premium) and 8 euros (Premium Plus) per month to get al the benefices of an excellent VPN service.


CyberGhost takes care of your unmistakable IP address and changes it from a license plate, which can clearly identify you to every website operator as well as to your own provider, to just a piece of metal you share with thousands of other Internet users. No spying eye will be able to tell you from surfers, who hit the Internet at the same time as you: You are anonymized! Or cyberghosted, like we use to say.

Once ghosted, you can roam the Internet freely and uncensored, visit geo restricted web sites, watch blocked videos and investigate all topics of interest unhindered from your government, your school, your university or your employer. A simple example: If a content item, like a music video clip, is not available in your country, just log-in to one of our outside-your-country servers and virtually become an inhabitant of the respective nation. It's just as easy as that.

CyberGhost VPN not just only anonymizes you. It encodes all data leaving your computer as well. You can look at your connection between you and the CyberGhost network as a tunnel with unbreakable solid walls, which hides all your data from spying eyes on public WLANs, Hot Spots and Internet cafés. And CyberGhost does not only concentrate on your browser: all Internet applications will be secured this way. It's nearly like walking invisible through Central Park at midnight, with your wallet wide open, and nothing will harm you. Cause nobody sees you!


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