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Powerful parental control tool.

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FPS Content Control is a powerful parental control - the reliable tool against pornography with big sites database. It has strong heuristic module for analyzing of all incoming web content. Advanced internet access control allows you to block all internet access or just particular sites (for example, social networks) by schedule or by your rules along with screenshots making and user actions tracking.

FPS Content Control:

  • Is a powerful tool for Internet access limitation and incoming content control.
  • Working at the low level and did not depend on your browser and any external programs.
  • Free program updates within version 3
  • all new features and existent functionality extensions for free!

FPS Content Control has 4 key features:

  1. The database describing "adult" content sites - More than 160 000 alive and really existent sites - Weekly updates
  2. Powerful heuristic analyzer: - Checks incoming site's content before it goes to the browser - Analyzing site texts in 7 most popular languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian - Detecting not only explicit "adult" content, but even indirect hints about erotica and pornography
  3. Access limitation: - Controlling access to the Internet, Social Networks and P2P Networks (direct file exchange) - Access scheduling for every day - The "Quotas" which are allow access to the Internet for some limited time. The Quotas allow your kids to share the one computer without conflicts. Or, using Quotas you can grant your kids the Internet access if they have done their homework or other useful tasks - Your own lists of prohibited and eligible sites
  4. User tracking: - Internet access and resources blocking history log - Automatic screenshots log And also the FPS Content Control: - Has handy interface - Is quick and working invisible even for slow computers - Has the reliable protection from hacking, stopping or uninstall attempts


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