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by Fred, on

Despite persistent back pain and blurred vision due to the hours you spend on your computer, you finally just finished sorting through thousands of pictures and videos on your PC that were wasted away in the corners of your hard drive, just waiting for your good will to come alive again.

Not wanting to loose for any reasons any of those precious shots laboriously renamed and sorted, you decide to copy them to an external hard drive dedicated to all your most important backups.

While the operation seems to be going smoothly, a warning message pops up and gets you out of your numbness: "No more free space available ...."

Your heart rate speeds up and a vague sense of unease creeps into your mind. You definitely need to find an alternative. You think of online storage but still have your doubts which make you hesitated: it is out of question to keep them in the Cloud without worthy encryption.

You then realize that CloudFogger could meet all your expectations and get you out of this mess.

CloudFogger is the app that will give you complete satisfaction, if you are a heavy consumer of online storage services (like SkyDrive or DropBox for example, to mention only the most well known) and are also affected by the privacy of your personal data.

Created to detect cloud services already installed on your system, the app offers you initially to select the related service virtual folder. CloudFogger then encrypt and automatically transfer all the files, once they are checked, that it contains. The software has also taken into consideration those who do not have an online storage account, allowing them the opportunity to choose another local directory.

CloudFogger is also able to cleverly manage sub-folders attached to your encrypted folder, the application allows you to select those you want to protect and not select those you don't want to protect.

Want to share seamlessly the latest pics of your holiday in Greece with your family members? You only have to add their email address and the software will allow them to see the shared files.

You have multiple computers and want to access your encrypted data from each one? You can install CloudFogger on all your PCs, just log on to the account you created and all your data will be there.

You can also encrypt data manually, you only have to right click on the relevant files and select in the context menu the "Fogg file(s)" option. You encrypted the wrong file? Perform the same operation but this time choose the "Defogg file(s)" option.

Protect yourself against any possible leaks or online attacks has never been easier thanks to this  app extremely easy to configure and use.  You can now transfer your data safely online with CloudFogger.


Cloudfogger provides security for all cloud storage services like Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. Cloudfogger encrypts your data on the local device before it gets uploaded to the cloud. That guarantees that Dropbox and others never get access to the content of your files.

Cloudfogger protects your privacy with 256bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. Cloudfogger uses transparent encryption, which makes daily use fast and simple: On the local system you still access your data as you always did - while all files are securely encrypted when they get uploaded to the cloud. Manual encryption and decryption of your files is not necessary with Cloudfogger. Does it get any easier?

Cloudfogger-protected files can also be shared without sacrificing security. You can for example use your shared Dropbox folders securely together with others - without the need of giving them your Cloudfogger credentials. Also, distributing files via e-mail or USB sticks is easy with the portable Cloudfogger file format.


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