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The road is paved with action and excitement in this whirlwind free racing game. Get behind the wheel of your car and become a world-class drag racing hero and try to survive in a huge city. All things here are like they are in reality: illegal racing, rude opponents and corrupted cops. Earn money, upgrade your car or buy a new one.

Guide and navigate your suped-up ride through the mean streets and dirty avenues of an unknown metropolis.You own this town! It is yours to do as you please. Drive leisurely or wreck as much havoc as possible. This game allows you to choose your style of play. One thing is for sure: it is rush hour and the streets are filled with pitfalls and obstacles.

Quick reflexes and killer instincts are essential on the busy freeway. You're the king of the block and the best racecar driver in the city. Hit the gas pedal and pop the clutch with attitude.
Easy gameplay makes those sharp turns, bends, and sudden obstacles a walk in the park. Earn money bonuses on your journey so you can buy new upgrades for your car. Sharply stylized graphics create a realistic metropolis and a thriving urban sprawl. Flip through your car's radio station for a pulse-pounding driving soundtrack.


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