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The great thing about Bitcoin Armory is the fact that it is as just as beneficial for those who are new to Bitcoin as it is for those who have been using it for years and years. This is because you can select between the following modes; “Standard”, “Advanced”, and “Developer”. Thus, the interface can be altered to suit your competence with the decentralised digital currency. It is also worth noting that optimum levels of security are provided to ensure all transactions can be done with ultimate peace of mind.


Armory enables users store their Bitcoins with the highest degree of security, previously only available to those with programming experience and a technical understanding of Bitcoin.  Armory is tailored to both newcomers and advanced users, reducing or expanding the functionality based on the selected user-mode: “Standard,” “Advanced,” or “Developer.”   It gives beginners a simple intuitive interface, while optionally providing all the features desired by advanced users and developers.

Armory was designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of security for heavily-invested Bitcoin users, while still maintaining a high degree of usability and convenience.  Its ease of use and plethora of advanced features makes it one of the most popular alternative Bitcoin clients.

You can use Armory for all of your Bitcoin needs. 

  • It allows you to maintain multiple wallets, with or without encryption. 
  • Maintain offline wallets for maximum security from online attackers. 
  • Import addresses created with VanityGen or sweep funds from Casascius physical Bitcoins. 
  • Toggle between “Standard” and “Advanced” modes to guarantee an appropriate set of options and information for your Bitcoin experience level. 

And all this is available through an intuitive user interface that brings all the most advanced features of Bitcoin to your computer, without needing to be a Bitcoin expert!


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