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by Korben, on
1password – Keep your personal details safe at all times : 1Password is an app available on Windows, Mac but also iPhone, iPad and Android, which can securely store all your passwords to never forget another one. The version I tested is designed for Windows. It includes the ability to save logins and passwords for all your favorite websites, as well as, banking information, FTP accounts, iTunes, contacts details, software licenses and even simple notes. All is saved in the 1password ‘safe’, protected by a single password that you should choose with extra care – Please use a little bit more imagination than 1234 :). 1password is easy to use on the 3 Windows most popular browser : Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Unfortunately not Opera :( When you connect for the first time to a website that requires a login password, 1Password automatically offers to save the password (via a pop-up) but you can also choose from the options menu to make this saving 100% transparent. If you’re looking for inspiration for passwords, it is also possible to generate one. Password that you can then forget all about because it will be stored in 1Password. Then when you return to the website, the browser and 1Password plugin does not automatically fill the fields to identify yourself, unlike the Mac version. On the Windows version, you must launch 1Password plugin yourself, and select the website to which you are login in. I prefer to make it clear from the start as it can confuse some people. But my favorite feature in 1Password, is the ability to synchronize multiple computers on the same encrypted file with Dropbox and have effective sharing of your logins/passwords, for example between a Windows and a Mac computer or between Windows and an iPhone, Android etc. Don’t be afraid to put this file on Dropbox because it is encrypted and is currently unbreakable, it is totally secure on it. It is also a good solution for backups and avoiding losing all your information after a system crash or formatting. 1password isn’t free but it is really worth the money you pay for it, by keeping you updated on your multitude of passwords at all times. The only slight flaw with it, is its non portability. By that, I mean, there is no option to install it on a USB device.


Too many passwords to remember ? 1Password is a full-featured password and identity manager. Thanks to a powerful desktop client and mobile applications designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and Palm devices, 1Password gives you a more secure, convenient online experience no matter where you are. 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.

Take a look at the many ways 1Password can become an indispensable tool for harnessing all your passwords, identity, and personal information. The application will remain fully functional for the first 30 days after you install it. After this initial trial period, you will need to purchase a license to continue using without restrictions.


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