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by Korben, on
Youtify – All the music in the world for free : If you don’t have the money this year to get a Spotify or Deezer account, my advice is for you to have a look at Youtify, a web application that is similar to Spotify, which allows you to search for music, playlists or to create your own playlists, all for free! How? Well, Youtify actually has its own little trick and use videos and other media files available on Youtube. Clever, isn’t it ? The quality is obviously not as good as if it was an original music file, but to discover new talents or listen to the latest big hits it is more than good enough. In the end, if you want perfection you will need something else, but otherwise it is available on AllMyApps.


Youtify, a mix of YouTube and Spotify, is a new Online Music Player launched last month. Youtify allows you to build your own playlists, search for your own music, listen to it while watching the video in the same time.

Available both as a stand-alone Web app as well as a Chrome browser app, Youtify transforms your Web browser into something looking much like the iTunes music player.


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