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Ubooq is a smart and simple scheduling solution that allows your clients to easily book appointments online. Clients don't need to contact you during office hours. Your online reception is open all day, every day. Plus, your clients don't have to ring and sit around on hold and they don't have to wait for responses from emails. They just go online and book.

When a client books an appointment with you, ubooq sends all the appointment details to their mobile phone. This gives your clients confidence that their appointment is booked and acts like a ticket that clients can show when they arrive.Ubooq also sends your clients a reminder message shortly before their appointment. This way, your client doesn't forget their appointment, saving them the hassle of re-booking.

Ubooq provides online receptions for all sorts of businesses, from hairdressers to harp tutors!

Note: Your account will remain free until clients have used it to book 30 appointments with you.


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