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Start making friends by using this social network, find and follow people whose Tweets seem to be the most interesting, exchange news and create new contacts by sending invitations to anyone you'd like, take a look at everyone's public Twitter posts in your Home page Timeline, this is a quick summary of the main features provided by this hugely popular microblogging site and all this with only 140 words ! Sign up and share your thoughts with the people you like the most, this is as simple as that.


Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations.

At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information called Tweets. Each Tweet is 140 characters long, but don’t let the small size fool you—you can discover a lot in a little space. You can see photos, videos and conversations directly in Tweets to get the whole story at a glance, and all in one place. You don’t have to build a web page to surf the web, and you don’t have to tweet to enjoy Twitter. Whether you tweet 100 times a day or never, you still have access to the voices and information surrounding all that interests you. You can contribute, or just listen in and retrieve up-to-the-second information. Visit to learn more about what’s yours to discover.


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