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The Creative Storytelling Platform - The most interesting stories tend to be the ones that deviate, go off-track a little, and take a tangent. It makes a story richer. In the art of storytelling, we think it is important that you have room to do this. So important, we created a non-linear storytelling platform to encourage it. By exploring links and taking deep dives into micro narratives, you decide how and when your story is told. And because you bring your own personal tastes and choices to your projeqt, no story is ever told the same way twice. An interesting story speaks for itself. It doesn't need smoke, mirrors and fancy effects to make it shine. Projeqt offers an artfully crafted platform that showcases your story. We placed a premium on simplicity so that the navigation becomes instinctive. So instinctive that, at its best, Projeqt becomes invisible and the spotlight is focused solely on your story. Projeqt is device agnostic. Your story can begin on a desktop computer and seamlessly travel to a laptop. Or a mobile phone. Or a tablet. Or any other browser. And because Projeqt has been designed with total cross-platform compatibility, it instinctively conforms your story for optimal viewability. You've heard of the smart phone, think of this as the smart story.


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