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With OfficeZilla your organization can share calendars, files, forums and more in a secure and private web place with no limits, ads, or fees. Anyone can use OfficeZilla!

The start page shows the calendar, announcements, global search, new private messages, tasks, phone messages, and pop mail email count. The What's New page gives you an overview of EVERYTHING new in EVERY module! Show last 5 to 20 items new in Contacts, Files, Content Library, Calendar Reminders, Contact Reminders, Phone Messages, Message Forums, Private Messages, Knowledge Base, Resources (links), To-Do List, and Project Tasks.

The calendar feature is the most popular in the system. You can share some calendar entries and keep others private. Having a shared calendar keeps everyone abreast of important shared dates or specific things you are doing.

Does everyone in your organization have a phone list that needs to be updated or would you prefer to keep a shared list of contacts online? This is not a 'lite' contact manager... you can have custom fields, multiple notes, reminders, search, export, and more!

Upload files and share them instead of emailing files. This keeps one version of the file instead of many, allows anyone to download the file if they have lost it, and saves you from attaching files to emails. There is no storage limit, you can have folders and sub-folders, you can upload ANY type of file and any SIZE of file.

OfficeZilla supports POP3 email. You can setup all of your pop3 accounts, has spam filtering by keyword, see more messages from the same sender, allows multiple mail folders, also has a handy display of all file attachments so you don't have to dig through each email to find that one attachment. If this is a email account that you want multiple people to read, you can setup a shared email folder.


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