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Hoppit is your personal concierge with an extensive knowledge of the world around you. As the world's first ambience search engine, it's the web's simplest way to curate the world around you.

Hoppit provides highly curated recommendations for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and lounges based on your taste preferences. It finds the perfect ambience for any occasion. (For example, our Founder's favorite search is "French, Wine Bar, Exposed Brick." That's just his thing.)

Hoppit's tailored recommendations, built on the Place Genome Platform, begin populating with a single click of a Hoppit "Vibe", a specific atmosphere style. Another click brings the user a full atmosphere breakdown, pictures, reviews and other details.

The Place Genome Platform began in late 2010 aspiring to create the world's largest database of place atmospheres. Hoppit built it by harvesting the vast amount of information available on the web and creating its own atmosphere taxonomy, including categories such and Cozy and Quaint, Classy and Upscale, Vintage and Old World, Chic and Trendy, Swanky and Posh, Hipster and Romantic.

Now your concierge is in the palm of your hand.


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