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With a unique twist on passing secret notes, HadToSay.com removes the barriers that often prevent us from speaking our minds. Because biting your tongue hurts.

We've all had something on the tip of our tounge... a silent thought just waiting to be vocalized - but it was concern about the consequence, fear of embarassment -or- maybe just good old fashioned manners that got in the way and made us bite our tongue. HadToSay removes those barriers with the comfort of annonymity, and frees the tounge to speak whats on our mind.

But why not just leave a note? Because there is no way to respond to an anonymous note – if the recipient feels compelled, they can respond. In fact, back-and-forth correspondence may result but your identity remains private as long as you want to keep it that way.

Whether you already have something to say to someone - and its burning a hole in your lip - or you want to be sure you're prepared the next time you want to say what probably shouldn't be said (or perhaps you're too shy to say), HadToSay is free, fast and easy to use.

Oh, and though senders' and recipients' idenities remain private, their messages and responses are visible for all visitors to browse and eavesdrop. Registered users can even post comments to messages - because we all want the opportunity to add or own two cents.


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