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by Korben, on
A desktop application for Grooveshark: Initially known as a P2P application, Grooveshark has become, over time, a true web application which allows one to listen to streaming music. With a catalogue of more than 7 million songs, Grooveshark has very cool features for all music amateurs. When you enter Grooveshark, the first thing that you see is the unique search engine (like in Google), which allows you to perform a brief selection of songs, search for your friends or share playlists with others. You can also listen directly to the song of your choice, but if you had the smart idea of creating an account (it’s free), you can start to create your playlists and upload your own MP3s which will also be accessible to the entire Grooveshark community. The quality of music encoding is rather good (MP3 192 kbp/s) and their servers have enough power so that you do not have to wait for the song to load. Tip top! One thing that I love also on Grooveshark, is that there’s always the possibility of activating the ”Radio” mode, which you will pre-charge with songs in the style that you like to listen to, of that which you like…. You can also say “I don’t like it/I like it” so that the selection is better refined to your taste in the future. It’s truly great for people like me, who are lacking in inspiration and are always willing to discover new things. But the discovery may continue with the social aspect of the application. One section, which is titled “Popular,” allows you to listen to the most popular songs of the day or of the month, and with its connection to Facebook or LastFM, you will have access to what your friends like and listen to. Then, you can make small mixes and share them via email, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc. Moreover, if you envision yourself an artist, I would recommend Grooveshark for getting your music on-line and having the whole world discoverer it. As an artist, you will have access to detailed listening statistics. Great! Grooveshark is not only available on the web but also on smartphones like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Palm. Practice taking your music on the road! Paying members (VIP), soon will be able to enjoy a desktop AIR application for Windows from the site, but for those who do not want to wait or are too cheap to dig into their pockets, I’ve got a free (and unofficial) equivalent which I’ve uploaded to Allmyapps. It’s called Grooveshark 1.1.1 and this application in .NET will allow you to open directly the web application without launching your web browser. Although it crashes quickly due to resource over-consumption if you use a browser that is a little greedy. A little icing on the cake, this desktop application for Grooveshark will free you of all the advertising that you encounter on the web version. As far as I’m concerned, I am a huge fan of Spotify, but after having discovered Grooveshark, I am seriously thinking of subscribing to the paying version of the service, which remains very affordable (3$ per month). It remains cheaper than Spotify and while it may offer a bit less of a choice, you can easily complete with your own songs. Also, the mobile iPhone and Android application are much more pleasant to use than the Spotify application.


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