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Organize, share and discuss your favourite topics published via RSS on the web.


FeedBoks is an unique and unified web platform which allows users to effectively aggregate, organize and share webcontent published in any RSS(Really Simple Syndicate) or Atom on the web. Also, using FeedBoks users can create their own stories and publish as a personal RSS and let other users subscribe to their stories. Users can comment on any story, recommend or share with someone else.

Users can subscribe to webcontent published via RSS/Atom from multiple website, which allows them to recieve real time stories from various sources at the same page. Feedboks allows users to discuss and comment on any story published by any website, which becomes immediately available to any users subscribe to that feed. Users can get top stories from different sources plus stories from their subsctribed feeds at the same place. FeedBoks is actively building its Rss database for users to easily discover RSS for their favourite website. Users also can enter any RSS url and subscribe to it easily using FeedBoks platform


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