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Dropbox – Welcome in the cloud: I discovered Dropbox only lately and ever since I just can’t do without it anymore. Let me give you a quick overview on this software and show you how sweet it really is! Dropbox is a software that runs under Windows, but also on Macintosh, Linux, and on cells, and allows you to save your files in the “cloud”, i.e. the Dropbox servers. This makes Dropbox a pretty handy tool to back up your files, but also – and foremost – to share files between several of your computers or with your friends and colleagues. The synchronization is kept transparent, and files can be accessed right from your file manager. Every computer or cell phone that connects to your Dropbox account automatically downloads the files that are stored there. Ideal, for instance, if you want to collaborate with other people on a specific file. In addition, the Dropbox bandwidth is okay, and if one computer is on the same LAN as another computer that is synchronized with Dropbox, it will immediately download the files from the shared folders over the LAN without linking up the web. This helps increasing the download speeds. On the Dropbox website, you can manage access rights for other Dropbox users and, of course, access your data right from the browser. There is no need to install the client, which is helpful if your not the owner of the computer you are working on. Currently, the free Dropbox version offers you up to 2 gigs of data storag space, but you can increase this storage volume by sponsoring new users. This way I was able to receive up to 10 Gb on my free account. Since certain documents can be made public over Dropbox, you should be aware that it is also possible to use it as a Content Distribution Network (CDN) where you can host your website. Interesting, but make sure you check the band width limitations.


Dropbox is a popular web service that offers online storage and also helps you keep files across computers and mobile phones in sync with each other. Dropbox is available for all popular OS and mobile platforms.


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