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Aviary Editor is a very powerful photos editor available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Once installed on your device, Aviary Editor accesses all your photos and albums. You can edit and manipulate your photos as desired: resizing, cropping, rotating, adding filters, get rid of "red eyes", stylizing your photos with professional effects, adding text, sharing with friends through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or by mail, anything is possible with Aviary Editor.
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Quickly create amazing pics! Use beautiful filters, frames, stickers, intuitive retouching tools and more. Aviary Editor is powerful, customizable, and integration takes just minutes. It comes preloaded with a ton of intuitive features.


  • Compatibility: Supported in all major browsers for web and mobile.
  • Functionality: Intuitive editing tools for everything from quick fixes and one-tap auto enhance to stylistic effects, cropping, and red eye removal.
  • Customization: Adjust the colors of our editor to blend it seamlessly with your own site. Plus, choose the toolset that's right for your users!
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