Staff Picks Kindle Ebooks – Bring your own library everywhere with you

Christmas is coming and you may have decided to buy a Kindle reader to relieve some of your "traditional" library that seriously begins to encroach on your living space. You should consider the fact that the lowest priced Kindle is getting cheaper all the time and holds up to 1400 books! An electronic book brings the same convenience as a classic book and reading it also offers features you will never have with a printed book - including a research system to facilitate your navigation with the ability to add links to other data sources (supplementary info, translation services etc. ), or even adding comments or multiple bookmarks. You also have access to an extensive catalog containing hundreds of thousands of titles available. And to get an even more enjoyable experience we have selected some PC apps that will usefully complement your Kindle.

Send documents to your Kindle

Send to Kindle is the essential companion for your Kindle reader. This little app will allow you to easily send documents from your PC to the various services associated with your Kindle: Kindle reader, Kindle reading apps ( Kindle for iPad, Kindle for iPod, Kindle for iPhone ... ) and your Kindle library in the Amazon cloud reader.. Once you have installed Send to Kindle, you will need to register with your Amazon account. The supported file types are: plain text / RTF, Microsoft Word, PDF documents, ebooks MOBI, GIF, PNG, JPEG and BMP. Then you have 3 ways to send your files. The first method is available via the context menu of Windows Explorer. A simple right-click on the desired file(s) can send them directly where you want them. You can optionally choose to archive documents in your Kindle library ( in this case the files will also be stored in the Amazon cloud reader). The second method is from the print menu ( the Send to Kindle program appears as a printer). You can then " drag and drop" documents directly in the interface Send to Kindle ( third method). Whatever method you choose, the choice of where you want them is left to you.

Free converter for Kindle

Auto Kindle eBook Converter is a very useful utility if you have e-books in Microsoft LIT format and you want to convert them to a compatible format (.mobi in this case) with your Kindle reader. As a reminder, .mobi is a format used by the platform eBook (over 120,000 titles available including 10,000 completely free). If you have manuals or tutorials in HTML or PDF, Auto Kindle eBook Converter will let you transform them into true electronic books. In short, Auto Kindle eBook Converter is a revolutionary app that works perfectly well and is capable of converting a file in seconds.

Kindle ebooks reader

Kindle for PC allows you to read your eBooks directly on your PC without you necessarily needing to own a Kindle reader. You have the same functionality as those available on Kindle reader, in particular with the Whispersync technology that saves and synchronizes the last page read, bookmarks and reading notes, the built-in dictionary with instant search for a quick and exact definition of a word without interrupting your reading or even matching page numbers with paper editions to facilitate the identification of pages to display. Without reaching the same comfortable level of reading as a Kindle reader, which uses a unique electronic ink technology, Kindle for PC offers reading options (full screen mode, choosing the background color, brightness ...) that make the user experience quite satisfactory.
Of course if you own a Kindle, the Kindle for PC will complement the service usefully in allowing you to easily organize your collections and synchronize data between your PC and your Kindle device. This is also a good alternative to archiving in the cloud offered by Amazon. Safeguarding your entire library on your PC, you can be sure to always have access to all your eBooks even if your network connection is down.

Borrow and lend Kindle ebooks for free is an online service created by Amazon to allow Kindle owners to lend and/or borrow eBooks. To access this service you of course have to register. The procedure is very simple and only requires to have an email address. Incidentally you can register with your Facebook account. Note however that this address will be shared with other members of the service, so it's up to you if you want to use your primary email address or if you prefer to use another address. Anyway, as soon as you complete the registration you will receive a confirmation email with a link that you must click to confirm your registration.
Once connected you have access to two main sections, "Borrow a Book" and "Lend a book." To borrow a book, just enter the name of the author or the book in the search box provided for this purpose. Either the book is directly available for loan (indicated by a green dot next to the title), or you must make a request to an other member (from a dedicated link). The owner of the book then has 7 days to respond to this demand. If accepted, you will receive a link to download your book. You then have 14 days to read it before Amazon automatically gives it back to its owner.
The principle is the same if you want to lend a book. You can check in your user profile all the books you have borrowed or lent . You will also get recommendations based on your choices. BookLending is a very useful service if you want to read a book before you decide to buy it, or simply if your budget does not allow you to have as many books as you want.