Staff Picks Best Google Reader Alternatives

Which reader app will you switch to once Google Reader will have been shutdown?
Here are 4 Google Reader alternatives to discover by July 1rst 2013.

The nicest reader app

Feedly is probably the best designed RSS app. It's available on Android and iOS but also on desktop via a Firefox and a Chrome extension. The interface is minimalist in list mode (so you can focus on the content) but enriched with images in thumbnail view. It loads very quickly and offer all the essential sharing buttons to forward good readings to friends and family. Finally, it synchronize with Feedly accounts so that all your articles are marked as read on both your phone and computer.

The orgininal RSS dashboard

Netvibes can replace both iGoogle and Google Reader thanks to a powerful app that merge both an RSS app and a personalized homepage.
Add you widget, subscribe to feeds and you're all setup! It launched in 2005 and should be available for many years to come.

The open-source reader app for Windows

The good ol' desktop RSS Reader is still available for PC. No need to create an account, simply install RSSOwl from the app store and you're good to read your feeds. Don't forget to export your OMPL file from Google Reader to migrate to your new reader.

A personal news reader

Newsblur is available for both desktop (Web) and mobile (Android and iOS) but it also unique by all its features:
It streams stories in real-time, display the articles in-context to show the formatting and style of the source website, and you can even share stories with your friends.