Staff Picks Download Angry Birds for PC

It's time to play some Angry Birds! If you're procrastinating, it's not the right time to play but it's obviously the perfect time to install Angry Birds on your PC to play some games later in the evening, or this weekend.

Here's what in store for you...

Angry Birds Space, the latest app that put the pigs in weightlessness. Your birds still don't have wings but it shouldn't bother you in 0-gravity!

Angry Birds Star Wars. No one knows where this idea came from, but the scenery is incredible and the gameplay is epic. The force, do you master it? Show your skills and explore the galaxy to fight the Pigtroopers.

Download Angry Birds Season to be have the perfect games for every holiday. Who doesn't have5 minutes to kill at Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day or Easter, or a good excuse to leave the dining room for a quick game?

Angry Birds Rio, the exotic variant.

Angry Birds HD. This might be one of the first version of the game, but it's always a pleasure to rediscover the original app.