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Prism, Edward Snowden, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI ), NSA, and Co., we now know that our dear computers have no more secrets for Big Brother. So are we completely helpless? There is no magic solution, but the surest way to stop these massive tapping is to use any encryption technologies available. Starting with the creation of a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ). To make it short, a VPN is a secure network with one or more secure remote servers ( generally around the world) where all connections are encrypted and where your true IP address ( your network ID) is hidden within the network. Only the address of the server is visible. We have selected a few very simple VPN solutions to implement and that will protect your privacy. We caution you , however, that a VPN is not a permission to say and do anything on the Net. All VPN services have logs that trace your activities and VPN services located in the United States, even when they claim not to keep record of your business, we can only imagine what info the secret service can extract from them if they want access to your information. A user forewarned is a user forearmed! Happy reading ...

Access block sites - surf securely

Free VPN is a free program from the VPN Master company to let you try their services. The set-up for Free VPN is without any worries. At the end of the setup, the app start and ask the user their name and email address. So, you only have to click on "Connect" and there you are... with a protected connection (128 bits encryption) and with your new IP address "made in the US" you can access services usually reserved to only certain countries (for example: Hulu, Netflix, Pandora). There is absolutely nothing else to configure. It is clearly an advantage in both simplicity and the fact that you never have more than 30 users connected on the same server. Thereafter you have a few days to decide if you want to get VPN Master permanently or not. It will cost you between 4$ and 8$ depending on the type of subscription you choose (per month, trimester, or per year).

Completely free VPN connections to US

The Free VPN, not to be confused with Free VPN, is a totally free VPN solution. This time no trial version, you can install and use it directly on the final version. To be able to access its service, you still need to give an email address to receive the login details (username, password). Contrary to Free VPN, the registration is not done with the user but directly on the site Once you have these info with you, you still have to choose in client properties the server on which you want to connect. The Free VPN has 10 servers, including three in the US. If you want access to services such as Netflix or Hulu you need to use one of these 3 servers, otherwise choose the server that offers the best performance. With only 10 servers, do not expect fast connection speeds. It will all depend on the number of people connected at the same time as you on these servers. Don't forget that The Free VPN is a free service and purchase and hosting servers are very expensive. For the rest, The Free VPN offers a very decent level of security with encryption protocol PPTP and can be very useful occasionally.

One of the world's most trusted and secure VPNs.

CyberGhost VPN is a well recognized VPN solution that allows you to browse anonymously and in a perfectly secure way the Web. Here too your IP address, the one from your Internet provider in this case, is replaced by a CyberGhost IP address. CyberGhost has 250 servers strategically placed all over the world (including 52 in Germany and 35 in the US). To get a better picture of the number of servers available as well as the number of users connected monthly, go to this page:
CyberGhost allows you to try their service for free but in a limited way. Only 20 servers are available in 14 countries ( instead of 253 in 20 countries for the Premium and Premium Plus versions) and you can't choose yourself the country that suit you. So, unless you choose a full version, you won't have the possibility to connect on a US server to access sites like Netflix or Hulu. On the other side, you will have the same encryption level (AES 256-bit) than the Premium version. The encryption protocol used is Open VPN whereas on the Premium version you have the choice between OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. You will also be automatically disconnected from the service after 3 hours of use. Anyways if you are happy with CyberGhost, you will have to pay between 5 euros (Premium) and 8 euros (Premium Plus) per month to get al the benefices of an excellent VPN service.

Unblock websites, hide ip address and surf anonymously

Hideman VPN is an other solution that allows securing your Internet connection and to have an IP address that will let you access without any restrictions any site that you would like. Here too, you have the possibility to use a free version of the program for 5 hours / week. You will have in this case limits on your bandwidth (up to 512 Kb / sec), a traffic limited to up to 2 GB per month and you can also only access the server Hiderman from 4 countries (Panama, Turkey, Singapore and Russia). For the rest, you have the same possibility than in the Premium version with specifically the choice between the encryption protocols OpenVPN or PPTP. That can well be enough for an infrequent use and to only get protection and anonymity. If you need more connection time and/or better performance, you will have to get the Premium version ( for a 69$/year fee with option to pay it per months 5.75$). For the Premium version you can not only install Hiderman VPN on your PC, but also on your mobile (iPhone, Android), your tablet iPad or on your computer (Windows, MacOS X, Linux). However be aware that you can only connect 3 devices at once.

Anonymously secure your internet connection


Difficult to make a section on VPN solutions without mentioning Hide My Ass, considered by some as the best of the best of VPN. Without a doubt HMA has arguments in its favor. Nearly 500 servers spread across 63 countries, more than 60,000 IP addresses available, unlimited data transfer, support for secure OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols, clear interface, comprehensive and intuitive, all these available on your PC, Macs, smartphones and tablets .On the other hand there is the cost. It will be $ 11.52 / € 8.60 per month for the service payable monthly. However, the price can drop to $ 6.55 / € 4.90 per month (with the promotion) if you choose the Annual Plan. And with HMA! Pro VPN there is no trial version *. You must choose one of the available options (1 month, 6 months or 1 year), sign up and instantly pay up! All plans naturally provide a guaranteed refund within 30 days if you are not happy.
Once these formalities have been completed, you can finally download the client HMA! Pro VPN. After installation, the client opens the dashboard and it only remains for them to enter their login / password , select
their protocol ( OpenVPN default) and their server. To help you in your choice HMA ! Pro VPN has a "Speed Guide" function which will automatically calculate for you the best server in terms of your lease and when you connect. A click on the "Connect to VPN " button and you're ready to browse safely , and incognito with a very satisfactory rate ( in our tests we achieved between 1 and 5 MBps download on a connection with a theoretical debit of 100 MBps ) .
Of course you can also choose to configure everything manually. HMA ! Pro VPN offers many configuration options (regular and random change servers, country and IP addresses to avoid any form of "tracking " setting the proxy parameters, Secure IP Bind function to force certain applications to use your VPN configuration protocols etc. ) . If you have any questions, a community forum is at your disposal with all the necessary explanations. And if that's not enough, you have a very effective support by email ( we tested). Clearly HMA ! Pro VPN is the solution of choice.

* This is why we can not offer you the setup to install HMA! VPN Pro, only a redirection to the site Hyde My Ass. But, if you are the proud owner of one of the plan, we will detect the software on your PC and we'll notify you when there are updates.